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Los Ingenieros

The official SHPE & MAES Student Chapter at the University of California, Santa Barbara

About Us

Los Ingenieros is a UCSB student organization founded in 1978. Los Ingenieros began when eight Latino engineering students formed a support group that shared common goals and aided each other in developing the skills needed in the professional workplace. Since then, Los Ingenieros has grown to an organization more than five times as big as the original eight members and has expanded to include all science, technology, mathematics, and engineering majors. The goal of Los Ingenieros is to serve its members, primarily in the Latin@ community, in the advancement of their math, science, and engineering education. Our organization is also dedicated to promoting these fields to students of all school levels ranging from elementary school to high school through outreach activities; our goal in doing this is to inspire the next generation of Latin@ STEM college graduates.

No upcoming events at the moment
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