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Become a Member

It only takes three (3) simple steps!

Ignite Your STEM Journey

Ready to take the plunge into a community of innovation, collaboration, and endless possibilities? Becoming a member of Los Ingenieros is your key to unlocking a world of opportunities in STEM.

1. SHPE Membership

One of the requirements to be an active LI member is to be registered as a SHPE member. It is only $10, which is covered in your LI dues. Becoming a SHPE member will broaden your network. Don't forget, we are Region 2.

2. Resume Submission

We want to get to know you! As part of the membership process, submit your resume to showcase your skills, interests, and aspirations. Your resume helps us tailor our programs to your needs and connect you with relevant opportunities within the STEM community.

3. Submit Membership Dues

To kickstart your journey with Los Ingenieros, simply pay a nominal $10 membership fee. This contribution helps us continue providing valuable resources and opportunities to our members throughout the year.

Venmo: Gjessy15

Benefits of Becoming a Member


  1. Attend SHPE, MESA, and Los Ingenieros related conferences. (SHPE Nationals, RLDC, NILA)

  2. You can be part of Los Ingenieros mentorship programs. (L@s Guias & MentorSHPE)

  3. You are eligible to apply to specific scholarships. (MESA & LI Scholarships)

  4. You can run for officer for Los Ingenieros.

  5. You will receive the official LI T-Shirt every year that you are a paid member. 

  6. You will be able to attend the LI Banquet.


  1. Attend the meetings.

  2. Eligible to attend the Study and Tutoring Groups.

  3. Welcome to attend LI Events.

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