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Chapter Development

We aim to develop as a chapter by hosting events social events that bring our members together. Every year, we host a paintball event as well as an annual Six Flags! trip.

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Academic Development

We strongly believe in succeeding academically and we achieve this by hosting dedicated study hours every week. We also provide a mentorship program with the aim of bringing mentors and mentees together.

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Professional Development

At most general body meetings, we strive to host a guest speaker from one of our sponsors to inform our members of valuable insight to prepare for internships and careers. They also provide workshops such as perfecting a resume and how to execute interviews smoothly.

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Community Outreach

Our organization firmly believes in giving back to the community and being a role model for young students. Los Ingenieros helps host MESA Days, the largest community outreach event that UCSB hosts where over 500 6th-12th grade students participate. However, we host many more activities to ensure that we are giving back to our local communities.

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Leadership Development

By getting involved, our members have the opportunity to gain valuable leadership skills from conferences such as RLDC and NILA. We encourage all our members to partake in leadership, whether it be a position on the executive board, a leader in a committee, or an active member.

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